Bonuses are one of the favorite things of casino lovers. Every casino lover wants bonuses to recover their losses or in the form of rewards. If we talk about the real casinos, then there are no such bonuses. People who go to the real casinos have to pay for everything there, and they also have to start playing games with their own money. But, in the real casinos, this is not going to happen as there are so many bonuses that will help a person at every stage of playing. Let’s discuss some types of them.

Deposit bonus

A deposit bonus is a bonus that is given to the person at the time of depositing money by him/her in the game account. This bonus is given directly to the player when he/she deposits money in his/her account. For example, if a player deposits $50 to his/her account, then $20 is also credited in his/her account along with that amount, which will ultimately become $70. It means he/she will get a particular percentage of the depositing amount as a bonus.

Welcome bonus

A welcome bonus s the bonus which is given to the player when he/she registers, or we can say sign up with that particular website or application. The Judi online provides the bonus in the form of hits for free, free spins, etc. They do not give the amount directly to you. But, some of the websites directly credit the amount in your account when you register.

Regular bonus

A regular bonus is a bonus that is provided to a player on a regular basis. Regular basis means weekly or monthly. This amount is not directly credited to his/her account; this amount is given to you in other forms like 100 bets on blackjack, win three rounds continuously, etc.


A cashback is a bonus in which a player gets the money that he had lost earlier. Cashback is the bonus in which the website or application gives the lost money back to the player, not the whole amount but a percentage of it. For example, if a person has lost $20, then he will get $2 as a cashback, which is 10% of the loss amount.

Draws and Lotteries

Draws and lotteries are different types of bonuses. We can count it as more than a bonus. This is because, in the draws and lotteries, there are rewards and prizes which are given to the players after winning a particular match. These rewards and prizes are in the form of home appliances, vehicles, gift hampers, etc. These are mainly given at the time of winning any championship or tournament of a particular casino game. These rewards and prizes are given so that the players will stick to the game and should have more fun playing it.


Coming to an end, we can say that the bonuses give in the online casinos are so good and make pour games more interesting to play. A person cannot get these bonuses in the real casinos; he/she has to play games in the online casinos to get these bonuses. Some types of bonuses discussed above are a regular bonus, welcome bonus, draws and lotteries, cashback, and deposit bonus. 

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